What should I eat to increase the pleasure in a sexual drive?

Sexual drive:

Your sexual drive is dependent on many factors. There is a whole system in the body which is controlling the sexual experiences. If you are having those food items which are good for this system, then it will surely increase the sexual pleasure. But if you are not getting the essential nutrients, then it may not increase the pleasure.



Libido is basically a term which holds the same meaning as the “sexual drive” or “sexual power”. In the scientific papers, libido is more used instead of the word “sexual drive” or “sexual pleasure”.

Get enough calories from the food:

The first tip for everyone is to get all the required calories from the food. It is important for the body to get the required calories to function properly. If the body is not getting enough calories then it may cause some diseases as well as problems. Our sexual system needs energy from the food to work. So, it is important to eat enough food which is providing all the required calories to the body.

Factors controlling the sexual drive:

There are many factors which control sexual drive in a person. The following factors play an essential role:

  • Level of blood flow
  • Lubrication in organs
  • Level of hormone secretion
  • Overall health

So, by looking at the factors you can easily decide about your food items. The foot items favoring those factors will improve the sexual drive.

What to eat?

Here, we are going to discuss some food items in detail which increase the sexual pleasure in you. The food items basically support all the factors hence increasing the libido.

1: Fish meat:

Fish meat is an excellent source of getting proteins. Proteins are one of the basic nutrients required by the body to work properly. They are involved in building up of muscles. As well as they are involved in making hormones inside the body. There is one amino acid known as “arginine”. The body uses it to create nitric oxide inside the body. Nitric oxide improves the sexual pleasure. It is required by the blood vessels inside the organ to expand properly.

Zinc is essential nutrients, which is quietly present in fish. Basically, our body required proteins, minerals, and different nutrients. Those who are facing the problem of low testosterone hormones, they need to eat fish, because it is directly influenced by Zinc. Today, expertratedreviews.com provide the review regarding Viritenz supplement.

2: Vegetables:

There are some vegetables and fruits which can increase the level of sexual pleasure. They have different essential nutrients which cause the increase. For example, ginger is known to have a good effect. It works by increasing the flow of blood to the organs. Garlic is also known for such increased blood flow effects. Eating walnuts is a good way to increase the level of sex hormone inside the body. Increased level of hormone improves the sexual experience. The effect of avocados is also good on a sexual system.


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