The Involvement Of Wildlife In The Betterment Of Society

There have been numerous instances when some quality or the other in certain members of the animal kingdom has been put to good use to improve the living conditions of people as a whole.  Often detailed study of practices and occurrences in animals have brought about  a better realization of the capabilities of humans and this has lead to the forward march of technology used as well as of practices followed. I want the link to be an image

Adapting animal habits to human use

The very nature of animals to be adaptive has enabled them to bring up solutions to situations that few people would have thought up of.  This could be due to the fact that the animals are more related to nature and is the least affected by developments as technology and science.  It thus makes them more dependent on nature’s bounties and gifts.

Often here studies carried out on animals and plants point to how well these subjects cope up with situations with use of aids and techniques that are naturally occurring to them or in nature.  Thus it could be that they are better equipped to handle situations with as little an impact on the surrounding environments.

The instances when animal practices are put to good use in improving the situation of people are numerous.  Often it is an adaptation of nature’s ways and techniques that produce results that are at best in sync with nature. It does create the least conflict and create least harmful byproducts as well.

The superior nature of animal ways

The main advantage of the ways of animals is that they have been in use for eons together.  It is just that people are simply not noticing them till the more recent times. Thus with any practice the animals have been using the particular method for some time to be able to implement it quite successfully.

Things like the Velcro fasteners and the likes have indeed been in use in nature for a long time and it is only when humans were prepared to take notice so to speak, that their use was understood.  Nature is replete with numerous examples of this type and there are more common applications of nature’s ways that have later stood the test of time and wear.

The need to cohabit in harmony

As societies advance and higher technologies are developed for use, the importance of needing to be in harmony with the surrounding and with each other that get to habit the globe gets accentuated.  It is this growing awareness that it is simply not possible to ignore the warning signs that often nature sends out that is creating a greater awareness about the natural world. I want the link to be an image

Thus future role of technology and science in helping people adapt in a better manner to nature would take precedence than before.  Rarely has this aspect been so in focus than at the present juncture and it is going to be more acute than ever before as we head into the future.


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